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What Can I Use for Armadillo Bait?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

Armadillos may seem like cute little creatures to some, but to others they are annoying pests. Trapping an armadillo is one of the most humane ways to get rid of one. Armadillo bait can be used to help trap these animals, and it should closely mimic the animal's natural diet of insects and grubs. Many people claim that earthworms, meal worms, and maggots are excellent armadillo baits. Others disagree, however, and believe the placement of the trap itself is more important.

Common in the central southern United States, armadillos are particularly abundant in Texas. Residents of this state have found these creatures can quickly become a nuisance. The animals may decide to take up residence under houses or in garages. During their stay, they will also dig holes in yards and gardens. Using armadillo bait and a live trap is one way to get rid of armadillos.

The claws of an armadillo are very sharp. The animal uses them as tools to dig in the ground for food. The natural diet of most types of armadillos consists of grubs, worms, and insects. Armadillo bait should be very similar to this diet.

Earthworms are one of the most common types of armadillo bait, since wild armadillos often snack on these invertebrates. These creatures are easy to collect. They can often be dug up, or they can be purchased at most bait shops.

Meal worms can also be used as armadillo bait. These can also be either collected or purchased from a bait shop. One may also be able to order a batch of tasty meal worms on the Internet.

Earthworms are commonly used as armadillo bait.
Earthworms are commonly used as armadillo bait.

One of the biggest problems with armadillo bait is that bait creatures are difficult to confine to a live trap. To prevent this, they can be placed inside of a new nylon stocking. Placing a little dirt in or on the stocking can also make it easier to trap an armadillo. Since these animals are used to digging for their food, they may be more likely to go after armadillo bait that is somewhat buried.

Maggots, or fly larvae, can also be used as armadillo bait, but this is less common, since it takes longer and it is generally more unpleasant. The food used to draw the maggots may also cause other animals to come sniffing around. Rotten meat and overripe fruit can be placed in a trap for flies to lay eggs in. A few days later, maggots will emerge.

Some people claim that armadillo bait does not work at all. Instead, they believe that the best way to catch an armadillo is to place the trap in the right spot. A large armadillo trap should be placed right on a frequently traveled path of the animal. Since an armadillo has poor eyesight, it will usually be unable to see the trap and walk right into it.

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@fify-- Actually, I have heard of people trapping armadillos with food, like a banana or something with sugar. One person told me that he used dog food! I'm not sure if it works in every case, but if you don't have any other options or if other things aren't working, you could try it.

I've used worms in the past. I don't see many armadillos anymore in the past several years, so I have not had to trap any recently.


@bluedolphin-- Yes, they can be taken a far distance away and then left free. One should wear protective gloves and long clothing to avoid any problems while holding the cage.

I don't have any worms and I'm not sure where I can get some. I live in a rural place, so I don't think there is a bait shop close by. I don't think I can dig them up.

Won't armadillos like human food?


It sounds like worms are the best armadillo bait. They're easy to find and deal with and the armadillos will certainly like them.

I just wonder about the next step. What happens after the armadillo is trapped? Is it taken somewhere and then allowed to go? Won't the sharp claws be dangerous? How does one carry the cage?

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    • Earthworms are commonly used as armadillo bait.
      By: Dusty Cline
      Earthworms are commonly used as armadillo bait.