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What Are the Different Types of Canary Food?

Alex Tree
Alex Tree

Some different types of canary food include a variety of fruits and vegetables, eggs, and canary food seed. A wide range of fruits and vegetables is necessary to keep a canary happy and healthy. Eggs are a good source of protein for canaries; they are quick to prepare and easy to store for up to one week. Canary food seed is a blend of dried fruits, vegetables and eggs. Seed blends vary but they generally contain the majority of nutrients a canary needs to survive, though keeping a canary happy and entertained usually involves giving it raw food every now and then.

Canaries can eat a lot of the same food as humans. Raw fruits, vegetables and other greens are especially good choices. Canary owners should check with their breeder, local pet store, or veterinarian regarding raw foods that could potentially be harmful to a bird. For example, tomatoes, mangoes and avocados are poisonous to a canary and consumption could lead to death. Though such fruits are poisonous a canary will still consume it, however, so it is important to keep these foods out of the bird’s reach.


Eggs are another human food that also be used as canary food; canaries require a protein-rich diet, and boiled eggs are simple to make and full of protein. High quality canary food seed usually contains some kind of egg in seed form. Some canary owners prefer to feed their birds eggs bought and prepared themselves, however. When refrigerated within two hours of cooking, a hard-boiled egg can last up one week in the refrigerator.

Canaries often eat dried fruit.
Canaries often eat dried fruit.

Another type of canary food is canary seed, which can be purchased in many pet stores. Canary seed generally consists of dried fruit, vegetables and eggs in seed form, usually fortified with vitamins that help maintain a canary’s ideal health. Such vitamins are naturally consumed in the wild, but when in captivity a canary relies on its owner to ensure all of its dietary needs, including essential vitamins, are being met.

Hard boiled eggs are healthy for canaries.
Hard boiled eggs are healthy for canaries.

Many breeders advise against feeding a canary one single source of food, such as one seed mix or only fruits. While canaries can survive on a well-balanced seed mix, one fed with a single source of food may not be the healthiest bird in captivity. Like humans, canaries need a varied diet to not just survive but thrive. Fresh vegetables, fruits and hard-boiled eggs are healthy staples for both humans and birds.

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Egg is a good treat for canary especially for nestling canaries. However, if used a lot for adults, it is going to be harmful as it will make them fat, influence their health and productivity. However, a little bit once a week would be a good choice.

Fruits are good for canaries, yet, you need to be aware of some toxic ones. Generally, keeping a variety of foods is integral for the canary to keep singing strongly, loudly, frequently and continuously.


Can I feed my canary dried fruits like apricots or cherries?

I love to eat hard boiled eggs and I also have a canary.

So whenever I am making eggs I will throw one or two in for my bird (his name is Tweety).

He loves them. He seems to get a lot of energy and excitement as soon as you open the cage to put them in. I would recommend any canary owner try this.


So it sounds like you can feed a canary both regular foods and bird foods. Which should I feed my own canary? Buying bird food seems more convenient, but if my bird will have a better diet and a longer life eating foods that I prepare I am willing to do that.

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    • Canary.
      By: enens
    • Canaries often eat dried fruit.
      Canaries often eat dried fruit.
    • Hard boiled eggs are healthy for canaries.
      By: Igor Dutina
      Hard boiled eggs are healthy for canaries.
    • Avocados are poisonous for canaries.
      By: Richard Villalon
      Avocados are poisonous for canaries.