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How can I Find a Good Home for my Cat?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Talking to friends and family and checking with veterinarians are good starting points when you need to find a good home for a cat. From there, you can turn to print advertisements or online websites. Animal therapy organizations and shelters sometimes work as well, but space is often limited, and they sometimes are more complicated in terms of the regulations involved. Regardless of which option you pick, tips such as being completely honest in your ads, attaching a cost, neutering or spaying, conducting interviews with potential owners and using a formal contract all can help make sure your pet finds a place where it will be loved and happy.

Search and Placement Options

Friends and Family

Talk to friends and family as they may be able to care for your cat.
Talk to friends and family as they may be able to care for your cat.

A good place to start when looking for a good home for your cat is to talk with friends and family, because these people often are personally familiar with the animal from being around you, and because you likely already have a good sense of how they might take care of a pet. They usually are close in terms of location, making an exchange relatively uncomplicated. In some cases, you might even be able to visit, which can make the transition less stressful.


Rescue shelters are an option after you have exhausted all others.
Rescue shelters are an option after you have exhausted all others.

Through their work, veterinarians often know of people who want to find a companion for an animal they already have, or who are looking to replace one that has passed away. Their clients also are likely to understand the importance of quality pet health care, because they're already showing that they are willing to put the time and money into seeing the professional. Vets are a good resource for finding rescue agencies or owners that might be willing to shelter the cat humanely until it can be placed, as well.

Print Advertisements

It's easier to find a home for a kitten if its immunizations are up to date.
It's easier to find a home for a kitten if its immunizations are up to date.

Many newspapers offer free listing services for ads that only run for three to four days and are for items below a certain price, so this can be a good, inexpensive way to alert others that you have a cat that needs a new owner. You also can post notes on bulletin boards and kiosks. Individuals often create these kinds of materials on their own at home using a computer, but you also might be able to do it at your local library or print shop.

Online Sites

A veterinarian is a good source of leads for pet adoption.
A veterinarian is a good source of leads for pet adoption.

The majority of animal support agencies now have websites, some of which let people post ads for pets that need new homes. There are also general advertising sites that let people post notices, which can be especially useful because they're typically filtered by your location. People physically don't have to be at the place you've posted a flyer with this option, which is a big advantage when compared to regular print advertisements. Typically, these sites won't charge for you to put up something, but you might need to sign up for a free membership or set up an account first.

Owning a cat can have significant emotional and physical benefits for people.
Owning a cat can have significant emotional and physical benefits for people.

When you are looking for a good home for your cat using the Internet, social networking sites are another option to explore. This is sometimes the best choice because the people on most individuals' contacts lists aren't strangers. Even if the people who initially see your message can't take the animal, they might know someone who can, and they can pass the information along.

Animal Therapy Organizations

Cat owners are responsible for making sure their pets have adequate food and water.
Cat owners are responsible for making sure their pets have adequate food and water.

Research studies have shown that having animals around to interact with and pet has measurable, significant emotional and physical benefits for people, so some groups actively train them for use in therapy. They routinely bring them into nursing homes, for example. Depending on the temperament of your cat, you might be able to have one of these organizations take over its care, but you'll probably need to allow time for this transition, because many jurisdictions require that therapy animals be formally trained and certified.


Cats can be beneficial in an animal therapy setting.
Cats can be beneficial in an animal therapy setting.

For many individuals, finding a good home for a cat comes down to getting help from an animal shelter or similar group. In an ideal situation, these organizations can screen potential adopters, and trained professionals and volunteers ensure quality care. More often, however, they are very overcrowded, and many do not have the financial or manpower resources to accept an animal you cannot keep. They frequently focus on helping strays instead.

Depending upon the policies of the shelter, workers might euthanize your pet if the shelter cannot find someone to take it or if it is ill. If you are seriously opposed to this happening, groups with a no-kill policy are available, but it can be hard to find one with open space. They likely will ask for a donation to cover at least some of the costs of maintenance and upkeep, but you'll gain more time to find a new owner.

One big consideration if you go the shelter or rescue agency route is that, in general, the decision about what constitutes a good home isn't in your hands. Some people choose to see surrendering animals to these groups as a last resort for this reason. They would rather hold onto a pet a little longer or pay for boarding rather than have no say in who eventually adopts their cat.

Clarity in Advertising

Even though there are many different ways to find a loving, responsible owner, a rule of thumb that's typically good to follow is to always be honest as you advertise. Portraying your cat as perfectly healthy when it actually has medical issues, for example, not only can cause hard feelings between you and the new owner, but also can endanger the animal. It also can waste time, because a lack of clarity can encourage contacts from people who won't want your pet, or whose personality and circumstances wouldn't be a good fit for it.


When people get desperate to find someone to take a pet, they sometimes offer it for free. Just as being unclear or untruthful in your advertising can invite trouble, so can giving your cat away. People who are willing to hand over some cash for an animal typically don't have the intent of harming it, and they usually are financially in a position to provide things like medical care, food and extras, such as toys.

Neutering and Spaying

Many people are unwilling to take an animal that has not been spayed or neutered, because it sometimes results in negative behaviors such as sexual aggression. With a female, they often don't want to take the risk of having a litter of kittens to deal with later on. Having these procedures done can make your pet seem more attractive to adopters. If you can't afford to pay for this care, you might be able to work out an arrangement to reduce overall costs for the new owner, such as providing toys, food and other necessities, such as a litter box.


With a "good" home loosely defined as one that fits the animal's personality and interaction needs on top of providing basics like food, experts often recommend interviewing potential adopters. They stress that doing this is one of the few ways to catch people with bad motives for taking the animal, including those who might sell the animal to a research company or who don't intend to care for it correctly. Ask questions like "Have you ever had a pet before?", "Why do you want the cat?" and "Do you understand how long it can live and the responsibility involved in care?" Professionals sometimes recommend asking separate questions of anyone who accompanies the interviewee, because some individuals will bring other people along — even children — to give a good impression about the home.


Another tip that frequently helps is to draw up a formal contract about the exchange. It doesn't need to be particularly fancy, but it should say that the new owner agrees to provide proper veterinary care, and it should reserve your right to take the pet back if you discover mistreatment. This is also a way to get identification and contact information on file. A person who is sincere about wanting the cat for legitimate reasons should have no problem signing this document, because he or she will know that you're just protecting the animal.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent AllThingsNature contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent AllThingsNature contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

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Discussion Comments


I have a 13 year old, brindle, spayed, female cat that I need to find a new home for due to my husbands health issues. She has had her front paws declawed and is mainly an indoor cat, although during the summer months she does enjoy roaming outside near the house and sitting on the porch or deck in the sunshine. She is very healthy and up to date with all her shots.


Unfortunately, I have to find a new loving home for my cat. His name is Moggy and he is a lovely, fluffy black cat. He is eight years of age with a great personality. He is extremely affectionate and loves to go out during the day but prefers to stay in at night curled up asleep on his blanket. He always lets you know when he wants something, and is very clever if you have a treat for him. He would make a great companion for the right person.


Sadly, I am looking for new home(s) for my two cats, both female, both male, both spayed and neutered respectively.

The boy is a silver tabby 2½ years old. He is very affectionate, must be handled constantly and demands a lot of attention.

The girl is a tortoise shell tabby 3½ years old. She is less sociable but loves human attention. She would be better placed in a home with no children or other pets.


I have an eight year old male cat. His name is skittles he is declawed and fixed. Skittles is in excellent health. He such a loving good boy. It breaks my heart that I need to find him a loving home. --Cathy


I have three beautiful Norwegian Forest Cats. They are all neutered and spayed. The mother's name is Chloe, (strawberry blond and white)and her boys names are Tom (black and white) and Maguai (light grey and white). We called Maguai that, because he looks like a little gremlin. They are nice house cats, that only go out in the summer, just in the backyard. They never leave the yard. They all have very sweet personalities, especially Maguai. They loved to be loved.

My husband and I are now retired and like to travel, but having someone to take care of them has been very hard. It is time for us to let go. They are 8 years old and all in perfect health.


An adorable red kitty was abandoned at my apartment complex. He is waiting in my apt. for a home. He is six or eight months old and precious. If I could, I

would keep him, but I have two already and work all day, so it is hard to give him the love he deserves.

I am willing to pay someone 300 dollars to take him and give him a good home. I am desperate to find him a home. My friends will not take him, and family will not take him. I am at a loss and need someone's help.


I need a good home for my nine year old cat ginni. She is gold and white and an 18 year old cat. He is grey and white. I got married but can't take them with me. They are easy going, mellow and lovable.


Cats that are very vocal, especially at night (night yowling), can be a sign of illness. I have learned this past year that my 9-year-old cat has kidney disease and the night yowling is a symptom, that's right, symptom of kidney disease. It's not her fault. You can speak to your vet if you are unable to sleep through it and they will prescribe a mild sedative that you can administer at bedtime. Please do your research. No animal deserves to be put down unfairly. You took on the responsibility, so man up and take the responsibility.


I need to find a home for my son's two female cats. They are beautiful white and black, and are fixed, about four years old and indoor only cats. My son had to move and he just can't take them to a shelter.

We cannot keep them. Our dog does not like them and it is making it difficult living in our home under these conditions. Please help me.


I think some of the judgments on here are ridiculous. Yes, we should all be responsible with our animals and make finding a home for them a last result. But sometimes you cannot foresee what life will bring 7-15 years in the future.

I've had one of my cats since she was a kitten and is now 13 years now. She has a home to go to soon. It's the other cat I adopted when he was over 1.5 years old that is the problem. He constantly howls every morning and every night, does what he is not supposed to do (repeatedly) and acts up the first six months of being anywhere new.

My wife has bad allergies which is why they need new homes. We just moved and were married four months ago. I thought she would be OK with her allergies but she is not. Anybody who wants to judge me for that can kiss it; I love my cats! Anyway, he is a grey cat, 9.5 years old, and is overweight. He howls the most when a person is stressed out the most, but whines and howls regardless. None of my family members or friends want him because of this.

I'm afraid if I take him to the shelter no one will want him and they'll kill him. At the same time he cannot stay here, and boarding is no option for we are broke and it's $30 dollars a day. We live in Carson, CA and need some help finding him a home please.


Some people should be ashamed of themselves. I'm moving and I can't take my pet. There are tons of apartments out there that will accept pets; people just need to look. The only excuse for being unable to care for a pet is because someone's health is so poor that they physically can't take care of your pet or because they are going to be homeless.

If the apartment people say no pets, then negotiate. Offer to pay a deposit and a monthly fee. Use cable money if you have to. The real reason people are giving up pets to shelters is because some are just too lazy to put in the effort required to save their pet's life. Some people would rather put your pet through a holocaust then to live without cable. It's just sick.

Being allergic is a crap excuse for getting rid of a pet. I've had a stuffy nose and allergies all my life. It's really not that bad. People just need to suck it up and be responsible. Do what is right.


Okay, I see many people have cats that need a home. I'm not different. I have 2 white kittens and they have grey rings around the tail. I also have one grey and white cat that is very very hyper. Last, I have one all grey cat and she is mellow. I really don't want to send them to the humane society. Any information on what I can do would be appreciated. We are located in Palm Coast, Florida.


I have three cats, 3-6 years old. There are two females and one male. All are spayed or neutered. The family's allergies have reached a point where even medication does not work. In addition, they don't get along lately so separation wouldn't be a problem. I must give them up. I am hoping to place them in good homes with kind people. Any help would be appreciated.


We have a two year old spayed female bengal cat (we got her as a kitten, she isn't papered) along with two nine year old shelter cats and a small dog. Our Bengal gets along great with humans and the doggy, but is very aggressive with the one of the older cats.

I have tried Feliway, separation, extra play but nothing deters her from attacking the older cats to the point of fur loss and much screaming by the attacked older cat. If this situation doesn't resolve, I will be looking for a new home for my Bengal. Any suggestions?


I have a black eight month kitten and am looking for a home for him. Need a kind person living in fort lauderdale.


We have a two year old black and white cat. She is probably the sweetest cat I have seen, but we had to move in with the in-laws and they already have a lot of animals. She is liter trained and has been spayed (I have the papers). She is a tubby cat. Curious, loves to play (rarely uses her claws), she has let our five year old son carry her around for years now without trying to scratch or bite him. Not much on dogs though (my in-laws dogs chased her and I had to chase them) and prefer her to be the only cat. Can't stand the thought of her going to a shelter and being in a cage. I love her and hate to see her go, but if I can find the right person.


To post 30: You should find a new home for your husband!


Wow I can see lots of people are also in need for a new how for their cats. I need to find a new home for my cat for two reasons. First, I am allergic and I have to put a stop to it, and two, i am moving out of the country and chose not to bring her with me, also for the first reason. She is nine years old, pure bred, beautiful and very clean. I would like for her to have space and access to nature, but a caring and loving owner will do. I am so sad but it's the best choice for the sake of my health. Not sure how this works, but please let me know if you know of anything. Thank you.


I have a loving beautiful orange and white tabby cat male named Sammy. I am moving and unable to take him with me and would love to find a loving home for him. He is 9 years old, a indoor cat, needs to be with an adult only since he has lived only with me.


I have two beautiful, loving cats. one is female. her name is ceci the other is male. his name is leo. I will be having a baby soon and would need someone to take these two cats for at least three months, or for a while until I can settle in with the new baby. I live in chicago here.


My husband and I lived in Syracuse, Ny but we're planning to move in Florida as soon as we can but can't take our cats with us. We had six indoor cats who are very sweet, affectionate, healthy, litterbox trained cats.They had been spayed and five of them are male. My husband takes good care of them for a few years now,they've been a good companion to him since I'm in Florida taking care of my in-laws who have some health problems. We need to be together to help the parents and the way married couple should be. But it would break our hearts to leave them outside so we really need to find them homes. They are sweet, loving cats. They deserve a loving homes. Please help us!


I am looking for a good home for a eleven year old female cat (Spot) that has been orphaned as result of the death of my mother (2 months ago). Despite my best efforts I have been unable to socialize Spot with my female cat that has been a part my household for seven plus years. Spot is a very loving cat who needs human contact as she had been a lap pet for my mom, who adored the cat and kept her close by until her death. Presently, I have to keep Spot in the basement, an undesirable situation as Spot is in dire need of human contact.

Spot has had a history of dental issues which has resulted in her having only a few teeth and she is hard of hearing. Despite this, she is cute, cuddly, and would provide excellent companionship for someone. Given my mother loved this cat, I cannot in good conscience abandon Spot.


There has been a little female cat hanging around my boyfriend's house. We started feeding her and he built her a little wooden house we put a blanket in there for her. we feed her twice a day and play with her when we are in his garage.

She has no tail, but has green eyes and sharp black and gray markings.

She's a lover, but we cannot keep her. I have a cat of my own and my cat won't have it.


need home for 7 female year cat. daughter moving home and allergic. is spayed and never been outside. does not scratch furniture, uses litterbox, used to getting nails clipped weekly. trained to not jump on counters or go in kitchen.

very much a lap cat.


South Orange County in California. I am moving and need to find a loving home for my eight year old tabby. Beautiful female was fixed and has all of her shots. She has been an outdoor cat for five years and an indoor cat for the last three!


I have a white and gray cat with a pure pink nose. he is seven years old and I can't take him when I move. please help me to find him a home. --Anon Tampa Fl


I live in northern Indiana in the U.S. I am looking for a home for a brother and sister cat, Freddie and Ginger. Freddie is the most beautiful panther gray and Ginger has a brown design on mostly black fur. They are about 4 years old.


I regret that I have to find a home for three of my cats. One is Mama a sweet female cat around 3 years old and two of her kittens each from a different litter. One is Starlina (female) four months old and the other is Sebastian (male) eight months old.

We would prefer that Sebastian and Starlina stay together because they love each other very much. They sleep together and actually wrap their arms around each other, wherever you see one, you see the other. They are inseparable. However, if they must be separated to find good homes for them, then beat.

The mother was abused when she was really young and I managed to teach her not to strike me when she's angry. instead she just growls like a dog when she is angry but for the most part she is sweet.

She is agitated because her kittens are still here and she swipes at them because they are too old to drink from her, which up until these last few weeks they were still trying to do.

All in all, they are wonderful, friendly cats/kittens. We love them so much and they all love to cuddle. Starlina and Sebastian are quite playful and a great joy to watch. Please help us. They will definitely bring you joy! I shudder to think of the alternative as our humane shelter euthanizes cats after a couple of weeks. These animals deserve a chance to live and be loved.

It would break my heart, literally, to have to bring them to this shelter. I do not know what else to do. please, please help!


I'm in Montreal and I have a beautiful little year and a half old tabby female cat that needs a home. She's quite a survivor and is currently living on my balcony inside a weatherproof box with warm bedding inside. I'm feeding her daily and she is very affectionate with a distinctive warble sound she makes when you pat her and feed her. She is quite small "kittenish" in appearance. Anyone who meets her instantly falls in love with her. When I first saw her she had a tattered red collar on her neck that had fused to her skin and left a nasty wound which I treated with anti-biotic cream and it healed up nicely. She was obviously someone's cat at one time but some sad story put her on the street. Thanks.


I have a 4 year old grey and white long haired cat named Olive. He's very calm in nature and friendly with other cats. I've had him since he was kitten but can no longer keep him and need a good place for him to live.


I have a three or four year old black and white cat that we rescued but can no longer keep. She is very healthy and lovable. She is an inside cat, never let outside. Hope to find a loving owner. She's a sweetie.


I am trying to find a home for mum's cat, Sweetpea. Mum passed away suddenly on Tuesday morning and Sweetpea has been her companion for about 10 years, she originally came from a rescue center and we think she was about eight when mum got her.

She is a house cat, never been out. Has been nervous around men as we believe she had been mistreated previously. She was a good companion to mum and it would be a shame for her not to enjoy the rest of her life just because mum is no longer here to care for her.


I am looking for a new home for my cat Tommy. He came to me homeless and looking for love two years ago. He is approximately 8 - 10 years old and a sweetheart. When he needs a little attention he throws himself to the ground and shows his belly.


My husband cat name Merlin is 20 lbs! He is great! however, he and the baby do not like each other and we think it will be best if he lives somewhere he is the only cat.


I have a beautiful 10 year old Siamese cat that wants to sit in someones lap all day. He is very talkative and wants you to talk back. He needs a retired mom or dad that wants him to follow them around, not a family of four that is not home. He likes his own chair at the dinner table but won't put his paws on the table.


"We are regrettably looking for a house for our bengal cat Kieron. We are moving abroad and won't be able to take him with us.

Kieron would like a home where he is the only cat and absolutely loves attention, very talkative and we will miss him dearly. - anon92030"

I would just like to know where are you located?


Looking for a good home for my two cats in the Dayton, Oh area.


Our cat needs a new home, we are moving abroad soon, and he is not happy when there are big changes. Because our schedules change often and kitty reacts to those changes, we need to find him a family that can love him, is a stable environment, loving and can take care of him. He is four years old and gets along with other cats and small dogs (after he warms to them).

Kitty appreciates a daily clean litter box that is in a quiet closet somewhere in the house. This is also a problem for us because not everyone in the family chips in to make that happen.


With so much regret I need to find my cat Melon a new loving home. This is beautiful white male cat, eight months old. He is absolutely healthy and neutered. He loves playing and can’t live without snuggle with you. But a couple weeks ago we brought home a boxer puppy and he can’t live in peace with my baby cat, he keeps chasing him around and attacking.

My husband would rather get rid of me, his wife, than his dog, so that’s why I have to find a new peaceful home for my Melon. I’m ready to give away my baby for free to kind hands.


We are regrettably looking for a house for our bengal cat Kieron. We are moving abroad and won't be able to take him with us.

Kieron would like a home where he is the only cat and absolutely loves attention, very talkative and we will miss him dearly.


Please, I am looking for a good home for my cat. He's a good animal and has been with me for nine years but unfortunately, he developed hyperthyroid and takes medication but I am not able to continue his treatment. although it is not that expensive still i can't afford to have him anymore. I don't want take him into a shelter but at this point that will be the last resort. He is a great companion.


I am looking for a home for a loving black cat.he walked into our house four years ago after someone had fixed him then abandoned him. He did well here until I had to take mom's two little dogs. He has gone after them a couple times. now outside. He is great inside as only pet. loves to love people.


I have a 2/6 mth old bengal that is stressed she doesn't like my two kittens and needs a home where she can be free of other cats and have one on one attention. Adelaide SA


I'm looking for a good home for my three cats. Can no longer keep them due to my granddaughter being extremely allergic to them. Two of them are brothers and are two years old. They have had all shots and been fixed. The other is a black cat with green eyes who is nine years old and is very affectionate. Please I need help. it kills me to have to give them up.


I have two beautiful black male cats that have been fixed that needs a loving home. I'm moving and unable to take them with me. They have a three-tier cat tower, a three gallon water dish, two cat food dishes, and 2 covered kitty litter boxes. They are the best cats ever.


I am looking for a home for my six year old female, spayed Siamese cat. She is strictly indoors, will not venture outside at all. Very quiet, great companion cat.


I have a beautiful small gray and dark gray cat. Her name is Chloe and she is almost two years old. We discovered that my daughter is really allergic to her. Need to find her a good home willing to give her lots of love. She loves to snuggle.


i am moving back home and cannot bring my two boy cats. These guys are amazing, very affectionate once they become comfortable, don't bite or scratch anyone. Both neutered. Both house cats. short haired. Six years old. litter trained. i really want to find a good home for these guys because they deserve the best!


My cat needs a good home. He's great with dogs and not cats. He loves to play and run through the house. He is an indoor cat. His name is Jude. I have to go to school in Utah and cannot take him with me. He is 1 1/2 years old.


My sister found a kitten an enclosed box in a trash can about five months ago. We have had it until last night when a car ran it over. He was black with a couple white hairs under his chin. The cat was best friends with my three year old nephew. He doesn't know he is gone yet, so we are looking for another cat that looks the same. We live in paris Illinois, so if anyone can help us out we would appreciate it.


I need a wonderful home for my to cats Princess and Sniffles. i have had my beautiful cats for five and six years.

My husband and i have been finally given a break with a fantastic job opportunity but unfortunately cannot bring our cats. With so much regret i need to find my cats a new home. If any one can help or has any ideas, we would love to hear from you, Janet in Bellina NSW


I have a fixed one year old black and white male cat. I am getting divorced and my children and I may have to live with relatives who are allergic. He is a lot of fun, very active, always purring. He has a sweet disposition but does love to bite during play so he is more suitable for older kids and adults.

He does have Fiv (i found him as a stray kitten) but is in good health. With Fiv, he can live a long healthy life but if he did get sick, he'd need more aggressive treatment. I have only had to take him in for his yearly exams so far. My kids and I love him and will miss him.


i have two cats both 1 year old. they are black, small and long haired. they are both neutered and rescued them from an animal shelter. they are brothers, tigger and puma. they have also had all their shots, love to cuddle and play. i want to keep them together because they have been together for a year. they also look alike and we can give you their collars.


i have two cats, who are sister and brother. i rescued them from a shelter and don't want them to go back there. i have provided them with some toys and things they like but will be moving and i need to give them away. Together would be preferred since they've been together all this time.


I have a wonderful black cat, male, he is 2 years old. He is definitely a lap cat, loves to give you love. I'm just to the point where I can longer have him, I live with relatives and the living situation isn't working out. He is a great cat, I love him to death and will miss him very much. He needs a better home atmosphere, and someone to give him lots of attention!


I have a sweet sweet cat. She is the sweetest and smartest cat. I will miss her. She needs a new home, I can't have her anymore in our apartment. they forbid it. She's 1 year old, whitish, beautiful face. She's amazing..and unforgettable cat!!!


I've got an eight year old male, fixed, black and white cat who needs a good home. I'm moving into a new apartment, no pets allowed. He's easygoing and lazy but loves to play fetch.


Just moved to a smaller apartment where my two cats are not allowed. I need to find them a good home asap. Male is six year-old pure breed Bengal and Female is five-year-old half Bengal half american short hair. Not sure where to start.


I am at the point where I am unable to continue caring for my two cats. They are from the same litter and I've had them since they were six weeks old. They are about 4-5 years old now.


I'm moving from malaysia to Sydney and i'm looking for a good home for my cat.

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    • Talk to friends and family as they may be able to care for your cat.
      By: Dmitry Lobanov
      Talk to friends and family as they may be able to care for your cat.
    • Rescue shelters are an option after you have exhausted all others.
      By: Steve Mann
      Rescue shelters are an option after you have exhausted all others.
    • It's easier to find a home for a kitten if its immunizations are up to date.
      By: ysbrandcosijn
      It's easier to find a home for a kitten if its immunizations are up to date.
    • A veterinarian is a good source of leads for pet adoption.
      By: Byelikova Oksana
      A veterinarian is a good source of leads for pet adoption.
    • Owning a cat can have significant emotional and physical benefits for people.
      By: cynoclub
      Owning a cat can have significant emotional and physical benefits for people.
    • Cat owners are responsible for making sure their pets have adequate food and water.
      By: UJac
      Cat owners are responsible for making sure their pets have adequate food and water.
    • Cats can be beneficial in an animal therapy setting.
      By: Monkey Business
      Cats can be beneficial in an animal therapy setting.