Do Tigers Have Striped Skin?

Yes, tiger skin is striped just like its fur. If the fur were shaved off a tiger, the skin underneath would have exactly the same markings that the fur had. The stripes serve to help conceal the tiger when its hunting or evading other prey.

More Tony the Tiger Facts:

  • Each tiger typically has more than 100 stripes on its body, and their stripes are unique to each large cat — much like a fingerprint for humans.

  • Of all the giant wild kitties, tigers are the heaviest. The Siberians pack the most heft at an average of 674 pounds (306 kilograms).

  • There were nine species of tiger, but only six now remain — and those are all considered endangered. In fact, there are less 1,000 cats left in most of the six species.
  • When a tiger roars, it can be heard for more than a mile (about 1.6 km).
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